Assessment of Local Solid Waste Master Plans

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Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


04/15 – 11/15

Carried Out By Greenplans






Advice to refugees hosting communities in the waste management, Jordan “Assessment of local solid waste master plans for the municipalities of Irbid, Mafraq and al-Ramtha and human capacities related to SWM services” – EU project appraisal mission 2014”

The project has included need assessment and in-depth plausibility checks for these three local EU SWM Master Plans (Greater Irbid, greater Mafraq, and New-Ramtha) developed in 2014 including an update for the baseline data and initial assumptions mentioned in these Master Plans, and harmonizing the proposed activities and actions with the recent National MSW Strategy. In addition, a baseline Human Capacity Assessment (HCA) has been prepared for the key staffs engaged in SWM activities in the two Governorates of Irbid and Mafraq; Irbid (focusing on Irbid and Ramtha Municipalities and JSC, and Mafraq (Mafraq Municipality and JSC).

The scope of the services has included key activities as follows:

  • Assessment and reconfirm findings and recommendations of EU appraisal mission.
  • In depth plausibility checks on all assumptions made in the proposed SWM master plans.
  • Procurement and Construction Works
  • Verifying the extent to which the actual community SWM needs concur with the planned activities as per EU action and outline and recommended adjustments
  • Review collection systems in Ramtha and Irbid, in particular regarding separated source collection.
  • Confirming financial feasibility and evaluate cost estimates for planned procurement items (bins, vehicles, supplies) and construction activities (landfill rehabilitation, recycling plant, transfer station).
  • Verifying compliance of the planned EU activities to national solid waste strategy.
  • Development of an implementation concept for the various SWM activities under consideration.
  • Preparation of a procurement plan in line with EU results and national solid waste strategy.
  • Conducting a baseline human capacity assessment (HCA) of key staffs engaged in SWM activities in two Governorates in Jordan: Irbid (focusing on Irbid and Ramtha Municipalities and the JSCs), and Mafraq (Mafraq Municipality and JSC).

Preparation of recommendations and Inception report.