Improving Environmental Governance

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UNDP Jordan


03/15 – 12/15

Carried Out By Greenplans






Improving environmental governance and stakeholder engagement capabilities toward energy efficiency in the civil community societies

The aim of the project is to enable a selected local NGOs for improving their capabilities considering issues of governance and stakeholder engagement. A local NGO in Jordan named “Families Development Association (FDA)” is one of the beneficiaries qualified in this project. The FDA is registered at the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan according to association and committee law number 1306, and seeks to lead the way in the institutional voluntary social work heading for providing socio-economic empowerment to the poor Jordanian families in the targeted local communities. The main missions of FDA are to provide care, guidance positive awareness, training, job opportunities to poor families’ members in the targeted local communities.

The scope of the project included the following clusters: Energy Efficiency & Energy Management, Waste Picking and Recycling practices at home backyard, and POPS Management.

Therefore, the primary objective of the proposed project is to undertake projects on public education/awareness, either in support of or opposition to official initiatives taking into account gender dimensions. Moreover, engaging the NGO in the advocacy by assisting the government in amending certain environmental policies and/or implementing national master plans related to energy, environment, and sustainability.

The specific objectives were:

  • To involve the people in the formulation and implementation of development plans and programs which promote and maintain the sustainable protection of the environment.
  • To play the watchdog role during the initiation of any environmental policies and energy national plans by lobbying and build coalitions with the government officials, mainly, in the Parliament.
  • To train the households how to efficiently manage their energy and electricity consumption in the residential sector.
  • To deliver knowledge and best practices to farmers (men and women) on the health risks of using prohibited pesticides in the rural areas which are active in agricultural activities.
  • To aware the waste recyclers on the health risks that they are exposed to while they are adopting waste open burning practice for recyclables recovery.
  • To transfer transparent and accessible information related to nature to the households in the rural areas and areas with poverty.
  • To increase public participation and monitoring in the protection of nature.

Type of services provided by GREENPLANS: Capacity Building & Management Services