Desk Research and Feasibility Study of MSW Recycling

Expert Months



Oxfam Organization, Mafraq Jordan


12/15 – 03/16

Carried Out By Greenplans





Morethanshelters (MTS), and the Innovation and Planning Agency (IPA), Germany

Desk Research and Feasibility Study of MSW recycling project at Za’atri Syrian Refugees Camp

The objective of the project was to implement a functioning waste separation and recycling system within one District of Za’atari camp that provides income generation opportunities for male and female Syrian refugees, reduces the volume of solid waste sent to landfill and the amount that accumulates within the camp, and to utilise a Jordanian partner organization for the reuse or resale of recyclable waste materials.

The main objectives of the desk research and feasibility assignments of the solid waste recycling project were:

  • To investigate the potential of existing private waste recycling companies/ partners in Jordan; shortlist the local recycling partners having the willingness and ability to perform recycling activities in Za’atari camp in a proper way.
  • To examine the existing solid waste generation at Za’atari camp and analyze the waste composition and proportion of the recyclable materials.
  • To carry out economic and financial analysis (Feasibility Study) for the potential of recycling the solid waste streams being generated in Za’atari camp.

The scope of the project has included key activities as follows:

  • Desk research about the potential for local solid waste recycling companies in Jordan to be involved in the collection of sorted waste streams which are generated in Za’atari refugee camp.
  • Development of an evaluation criteria for selecting the most suitable partners for involvement in the project and production of shortlist for the final selection of the best recycling companies which are potentially capable to operate and sustain this kind of project.
  • Elaborating an economic and financial analysis for this kind of projects in order to attract partners and stakeholder involvements in all the phases of the project.
  • Development of scenarios for improvement and stakeholder’s consultations.

The outcomes of the project are:

  • Desk research and review report
  • Social research and analysis report

Feasibility Study report including Waste Composition Analysis for the Camp Za’atari, Jordan