GREENPLANS Environmental consultants is a regional pioneering company offering wide range of services in areas of Solid Waste Management, Environment Management and innovative community/livelihood solutions. We offer inclusive comprehensive expertise of high-tech professionals and trainers carrying out management and environment philosophy with a focus on cooperate social dimensions. We are committed to provide customer oriented solutions through fashioning high quality interdisciplinary services using entrepreneurial methodologies and advanced development tools.

As a leading provider of consulting, engineering, project management, training and technical services, we support our stakeholders and clients by providing innovative solutions focused on environment, water, energy, waste, infrastructure, and natural resources.

Even though we are newly established company (December 2014), our team has demonstrated track record of local, national, and INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS IN Jordan and in the MENA countries as well.

Our team is skilled in delivering solutions and consultations to common EWE problems using cost-effective recommendations and state-of-art techniques.  Moreover, we fully responsible for leading multiple development projects simultaneously and working closely with cross-functional consultants while achieving targeted deliverables, timing, and customer specifications.

Currently we have collaborated with several International organizations and companies to undertake promising projects and tasks in Jordan and worldwide.

Our core competencies include:

  • Integrated solid waste management: feasibility studies, landfill assessment and rehabilitation,
  • Cleaner production a pollution prevention in the industrial sector
  • Renewable energies and energy efficiency applications and potential studies
  • Energy auditing and management in all related sectors (industrial, residential, transport, etc.)
  • Water & wastewater treatment and management.


GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation Ltd. Co. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in the environmental engineering and consulting services and offers a full range of high quality services to public and private clients and customers across Jordan, MENA countries, EU, and worldwide.

GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation Ltd. is a newly founded Jordanian company and registered in 2014. The company maintains a staff of highly experienced engineers, planners, specialists, designers, experts, and advisors in related fields; all our staff and certified to provide professional services.

Headquartered in Amman, GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation Ltd. Co. and its services cover areas of water, environment, waste and energy (renewable and efficiency) related to engineering projects, industries, facilities and development zones. The services consider the client’s requirements and international standards in terms of time, cost, and sustainability.

GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation Ltd. Co. provides full technical services and studies related to engineering and environmental projects range from consultancy and studies to planning, design, supervision, tendering support, document review, assessment, know-how, knowledge transfer and operational assistance. However, GREENPLANS offers project management and staff development services.

GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation as an Engineering Consulting Company had officially licensed in the Jordanian Engineering Association for the following specialties:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Water and wastewater engineering
  • Waste engineering and management
  • Project management and consultations

GREENPLANS Environmental is in the process for finalizing the relevant classification certificates and specialization degree from Jordanian Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

GREENPLANS Environmental Consultations Ltd. Co. understands the engineering consulting business. Therefore, the company’s capabilities, resources, staffing, and qualifications ensure our clients receive the appropriate solution for their needs. Our relationship and service to our clients are priorities.


GREENPLANS Environmental Consultations Ltd. Co. can provide senior, strategic and technical engineering consultancy and appropriate solutions services to any project that may have environmental implications. We work closely with our clients on their projects and deliver wide variety of services that have engineering theme, to help our clients meet their project goals in the context of Environment, Water and Energy resources and sustainability.

GREENPLANS Environmental Consultation Ltd. Co. understands the value of the natural environment and the need to minimize impacts from society and industry. Protecting the environment and natural resources is a priority for GREENPLANS’s policy and values. The strong combinations of our qualification, knowledge and field expertise of environmental consultancy will enhance our services, solutions and reports to be professional, compliance, and excellence.

Our practices mainly focus on Environment, Water supply, and Energy efficiency (WEE) sectors. Indeed, Solid waste and wastewater treatment and infrastructure are included in area of our interest.

Our core business presents the following services:

Environmental Services

Best solutions and sound practices for the Environmental challenges and constrains.

  • Cleaner production, process optimization and pollution prevention.
  • Environmental economics and feasibility studies.
  • Impact assessment and planning.
  • Risk management and contaminated site management.
  • Innovative applications and state of art technologies.
  • Solid waste Management and landfilling engineering.
  • Hazardous waste management.
  • Water supply, wastewater treatment, and sludge disposal
  • Environmental awareness and educational training
  • Research and development

Engineering Services

Environmental planning, design (conceptual and detailed), supervision on environmental civil constructions or installations, tendering support, document review, evaluation, and operational assistance

Consultancy Services

  • Environment, Water, and Energy consultations
  • Environmental sustainability, resources management, and urban development consultations
  • Industrial technology and cleaner production consultation
  • Construction consultation & projects
  • Feasibility studies and economic analysis for environmental projects and constructions